We Believe in Growth & Recovery

Managing the competing demands of career, family and social obligations can be challenging for everyone at times. When life feels overwhelming, therapy can help you make sense of things and get you back on track. In a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment, a therapist can help you identify what is or isn’t working in your life, overcome unhelpful patterns that may be keeping you “stuck,” and achieve balance,  growth, and if needed, healing.

When to Consider Therapy
Many people seek therapy when a problem or stress gets in the way of their ability to function well at work, in their relationships, or in social settings. It might be a specific significant incident or something that is finally taking its toll. Therapy can also help with common concerns including relationship or career issues; life transitions; grief and loss; coping with anxiety, depression, or other emotional distress; changes in the family structure; parenting issues; and/or struggles with drug/alcohol use or abuse. 

Even when things seem to go well, therapy is a recommended tool to keep relationships and daily functioning at a healthy level.

Common Myths About Therapy

If I need therapy, there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I’m just weak.

This could not be further from the truth. Taking care of yourself emotionally is just as important as caring for yourself physically. Life gets challenging for everybody at times, and in the midst of a crisis or other emotionally charged situation, it can be difficult to maintain perspective and objectivity. This can hinder your ability to find the healthy solutions. A therapist can help you a)explore possibilities b)provide an objective perspective c) offer feedback to help you figure out your own solutions.

Talking about my problems won’t change anything.

Most likely. However, therapy is more than just talking about your problems. A therapist is trained to notice patterns and underlying themes in the conversations that take place in therapy. Through learning how these patterns and themes show up in your life, you can start making shifts that can interrupt problematic patterns and reinforce helpful ones. Meaningful change frequently begins with small shifts in thinking or behavior that can quickly add up to greater satisfaction in your life.

My life isn’t that bad, so I don’t see how therapy would help.

Therapy can be helpful even if things are going pretty well for you overall. Maybe you have your career handled, but struggle with having satisfying relationships. Maybe you function pretty well in most areas of your life, but wish you could stop being so critical of yourself and others. Maybe you wish you could figure out how to be more authentically yourself and stop feeling like you’re faking it all the time. Perhaps you wish you didn’t have to have a drink or get high to unwind. It’s true that therapy can help you manage big transitions and major upheavals in your life, but it can also be useful for fine-tuning an already well-functioning life, gaining clarity in challenging or confusing circumstances, making decisions about your future, considering new possibilities, and many other issues that we all navigate throughout life.

If you really care so much, why do you charge me for the sessions?

We choose to do this work because we care about people and want to help them live with peace, confidence, security and well-being. These are intrinsic desires, not desires that were learned in graduate school. Clients pay for the skills we learned in school and which we’ve developed over the years to help clients reach their goals; the caring is free. And amazingly, the combination of what we bring and a client’s willingness to invest in this process results in satisfying life improvement.

With sincere warmth and genuineness, we respectfully care for everyone that walks into our office. We don’t take the courage you have to confront your challenges lightly. In return, we commit to responding with a totally non-judgmental perspective.

Yankie Greenberger • Founder

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