Addiction is a common issue that can affect anyone. There is a wide range of definitions for addiction, but it is a disease. This disease causes changes in a person’s brain that lead to the compulsive use or need to use a substance or some other outside variable such as gambling or sex. This article will list out some of the particularly important reasons why help should be sought for an addiction.

 5 Reasons to Get Help for an Addiction
Addiction affects people in diverse ways, however, when there is an addiction there are symptoms and characteristics that are universal to anyone suffering. Without help, addiction will alter decision-making, and be the central point of someone’s life. Here are 5 reasons to get help.

  1. Loss of Life– Severe addictions can cause death. Drinking or using other substances to a level of addiction will eventually cause a body to shut down. Addiction can be a fatal disease, but it is treatable.
  2. Health– Bottom line is that addictive behavior is terrible for someone’s health. Substance use damages organs and other physiological functions, while other addictions may lead to just a general lapse in taking care of oneself.
  3. Relationship Damage– Addictions cause people to focus only on what they are addicted to. Relationships suffer whether it is a spouse, child, or friend. Loved ones want to help, but the amount of strain it causes can be very detrimental.
  4. Financial Ruin– Addiction will take over someone’s finances. This could mean the loss of a job, or significant money going towards feeding the addiction.
  5. Out of Control – Addiction can and will cause powerlessness and unmanageability creating a loss of control with all aspects of their life. Satisfying the addiction becomes the only thing that matters.

 Help is Available
Addiction can feel very lonely and insurmountable, but it does not have to. Help is available. The experienced team at Illinois Healing Center for Trauma and Addiction have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of addictions. The team prides itself on having a compassionate, data-driven approach to working with those who suffer from this debilitating disease. For more information, and to get help today, visit the IHC website at

On Your Way to Being Healthy Again
As discussed, addiction is a disease that needs to be treated just like any other illness of the body. Oftentimes, making that first phone call or inquiry for help can be daunting. That should not get in the way of getting help and getting healthy. Understanding the need for therapy and treatment is the first step in achieving long-lasting health.